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This page is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” for my new acupuncture patients. From here, you can:

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Treetop Acupuncture is in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

“I travel 100 miles each way to have her treatments.
I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Jeanne, Artist/Teacher


Find out about fees and payments

I strive to make acupuncture treatment affordable for you. Get detailed information about my fees and payments.

Learn what to expect from an acupuncture treatment

On your first visit, I will explore your health history and current concerns. I might ask you a myriad of questions about topics that may seem unrelated to your concerns, such as your hobbies, moods or sleep patterns. In addition, we will examine your lifestyle, from diet and exercise to work posture and movement habits. I then feel your wrist pulses and gently palpate your abdomen, arms and legs in order to confirm a diagnosis.

Learn more about what to expect from a treatment and whether acupuncture hurts.

Read about my approach to acupuncture

Learn about the Japanese acupuncture that I practice, as well as the other things that make my practice distinctive.

Find out about the methods and techniques I use

Practicing acupuncture in Seattle for 20 years, I’ve developed a broad range of techniques—not just needles!—that allow me to help with just about any health condition you are experiencing. Combining nutrition, bodywork, heat therapy and herbal medicine with acupuncture, I can provide you with complete, individualized health care.

Discover the many conditions that acupuncture can help with

Many patients, even ones who have been with me for a long time, are surprised to learn about the wide variety of health problems that acupuncture can effectively treat. If it’s not on this list, just ask—I can probably help.

Get answers to FAQs

Questions are good! Find general information on acupuncture and answers to questions that people commonly ask me.

Learn more about me

Find out about my education and my 20 years of experience practicing acupuncture in Seattle.

Read patient testimonials

You may like to know what other patients have said about me and how I’ve been able to help them.

Learn more ways to stay healthy

If you’re interested in learning more ways to take charge of your health, you can peruse my articles.

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