What to expect from an acupuncture treatment.

“Does acupuncture hurt?” is one of the most common questions I hear from people new to acupuncture.

Almost always, as soon as patients first feel the sensation of an acupuncture needle, their fears dissolve. Many don’t feel the needles at all. If they do, the sensation is not one of sharp pain, but rather might be described as a tugging, warming, or heavy feeling. Sensations nearly always subside during the treatment.

Often, my patients feel a sense of deep calm and relaxation while receiving acupuncture.

Slender acupuncture needles

I practice Japanese-style acupuncture, which uses extremely slender needles and is known for its gentleness. The needles are much finer than those used by tattoo artists.

Receiving an acupuncture treatment feels entirely different than receiving an inoculation. That’s because acupuncture needles are very different from the standard hypodermic needles that we’re accustomed to-much thinner, and solid rather than hollow.

Gentle first-time treatments

I take special care with first-time acupuncture patients. If you are nervous, but want to give it a try, your first treatment will be very simple, involving only a few needles. I use some of the slenderest needles available, and will often insert them only a few millimeters-just barely under the skin. Several patients have opted to receive no needles at all the first visit or two.

Highly individualized follow-up treatments

As you become more comfortable with acupuncture, and I get to know you better, I may incorporate more needles, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine, electro-acupuncture, stretches or simple exercises into your treatment. I tailor each session to your needs and comfort level. My aim is to give you the best individualized treatment possible, without your feeling even slight discomfort.

Schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation

If you’re uncertain about whether acupuncture is the best therapy for your health concerns, we can schedule a complimentary, 30-minute session to discuss your options. I have been exploring alternative health for 30 years and am familiar with what is available and the most effective combinations for many conditions. I am happy to make referrals to other health care providers if that seems best for you.

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