tools of the trade

tools of the trade

The health care that I provide is holistic and gentle.

I ask many questions and listen closely to your answers and to what your body tells me: the sound of your voice, your posture, gait, facial expressions, and the information I get from palpating points and meridians on your body. Then I craft a unique treatment for you.

Japanese-style acupuncture

I combine the traditional Chinese acupuncture I learned in school and in China with the Japanese acupuncture I have been studying ever since. The Japanese tradition is known for being gentle. It uses extremely thin needles, several forms of heat therapy (moxibustion) and light bodywork. Palpation is emphasized as a diagnostic tool.

Anxiety is OK

If you are anxious about acupuncture, remember that you are in complete control of your treatment. I can even treat you without needles. However, almost always, as soon as people first see the tiny needles and feel the (lack of) needling sensation, their fears dissolve. For most patients, acupuncture is a deeply relaxing experience. Learn more about how acupuncture feels.

Holistic approach

Acupuncture is truly a holistic medicine. It is impossible to treat low back or knee pain, for example, without considering stress, sleep or urinary patterns. Because of its holistic approach, acupuncture will do more than just relieve your immediate symptoms. Your entire being – physical, mental and emotional – will feel healthier and more balanced.

A range of treatment methods

In addition to Japanese-style acupuncture, you might receive:

  • cupping and/or electro acupuncture
  • heat therapy, moxibustion homework
  • diet and nutrition counseling
  • Chinese herbal medicine and whole food nutrition
  • gentle bodywork and movement education

I am committed to helping my patients solve chronic health problems, and learn how to maintain their vitality and clarity throughout the day. I also make excellent, honest referrals if I feel you will benefit from additional support or a different approach.

“I stayed healthy ALL WINTER LONG, which is very unusual for me.”

– Aiko Shimada

Working together to optimize healing

For me, treatment is always a partnership with my patients. I can teach you how to take control of your own health and help motivate you to make positive changes at a comfortable pace. The more you take part in your own healing, the faster you will progress.

Schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation

If you are uncertain about whether acupuncture is the best therapy to pursue, we can set up a complimentary, 30-minute session to discuss your health care options. I have been exploring alternative health for 30 years and am familiar with what is available and the most effective combinations for many conditions. I am happy to make referrals to other health care providers if that seems best for you.

There are so many options today, it can be confusing to decide the best approach to improve your health. Since both time and money are limited for all of us, it is important to me to help people make the best choices for their unique situation.           

Email or call 206.323.3277 to make an appointment.