Treatment techniques for any condition

Practicing acupuncture in Seattle for over 20 years, I’ve developed a broad range of techniques that allow me to help with just about any health condition you might be experiencing.

Japanese-style acupuncture

Japanese acupuncture uses extremely thin needles and is very gentle. In addition to palpating the pulses, Japanese diagnosis is heavily based on gently palpating the abdomen and meridians for weak, tight or tender areas and/or areas that have uneven temperature or texture.

Heat therapy, including infrared sauna and many styles of moxibustion

Moxibustion consists of burning moxa (compressed sticks of the herb mugwort, or Artemisia Vulgaris) near the surface of the skin. This technique provides a comfortable, penetrating heat to specific meridians and acupuncture points. In addition to traditional moxibustion, I often use heat lamps to facilitate relaxation and healing. An infrared sauna is available for patients.


Cupping consists of creating suction between glass jars and the patient’s skin, most often on the back. Fire is used to create the suction. When the cups are moved along the muscles, the feeling is similar to massage. Blood flow is stimulated and tight, strained muscles can relax and heal. In the video below, Lesli demonstrates cupping for Evening Magazine.


Electro acupuncture

To relieve cases of localized pain, I will sometimes connect two needles with a mild micro-current of electricity. The intensity of this electro acupuncture is just strong enough for the patient to barely feel.

Diet and nutritional counseling

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health for all of us, but each individual has his or her own relationship to food. Just as I approach acupuncture treatment very individually, my help and advice about diet and nutrition are also very sensitive to each person’s situation.

I might give basic cooking or shopping suggestions. If there are weight concerns, sugar-metabolism issues or inflammation, I am here to help you modify your diet at your own pace, to relieve these conditions. (See my article, “Easy, stress-free diet.”) I also carry whole food supplements from two companies whose integrity I have complete faith in, Standard Process and Natura.

“…my energy level has jumped to another plane and my stomach is feeling much better. I am forever grateful.”

– Jaime

De-tox cleanse

I often support individuals or families through a three-week detox cleanse, using organic whole-food supplements for both the detox and re-nourishing phases. The program I use, chosen after much research, is gentle, easy-to-follow, affordable and hunger-free. Without exception, people feel better afterward, and the average weight loss for people trying to lose weight is fifteen pounds. People most often undertake the detox cleanse in conjunction with acupuncture treatment, but I also support clients who wish to do the cleanse on its own.

Bodywork and movement education

My bodywork combines acupressure massage, cranio-sacral work, stretching, Japanese movement therapy (Sotai), and the marvelous “Blue Doggy.”

We can also review your current exercise/stretching routine to see if there are simple, but powerful ways you can increase the benefits. I may suggest additional movement therapy such as yoga, Super Slow Zone, qi gong, Feldenkrais, physical therapy or perhaps kick-boxing.

Medicinal herbs and whole food nutrition

I often recommend whole food supplementation, according to Chinese dietary philosophy. These are natural supplements that contain nothing but organic whole foods.

I am certified in Chinese herbal medicine and will sometimes prescribe herbal medicinal teas for my patients. In addition, I sometimes prescribe “patent herbs,” which have been compressed into tablets, or liquid tinctures.

If you are already taking prescription medicines, I avoid using herbs that may interfere with your medication.

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